About us

Research Strategists and Funding Developers

Our mission is helping scientists and innovators formulate and communicate great ideas, empowering businesses and academics to be more successful in R&D.

We believe research and innovation are the way for businesses to grow and thrive. Governments believe that too, which is why they invest millions in granting programs that fund R&D.

Our team has 36 years combined experience in research and writing in the life sciences, and a passion for communicating scientific information well. We are here to help your business or academic team plan its research strategy, secure grant funding, and manage funders’ administrative and reporting requirements, letting you focus on delivering your innovative projects.

Our Team

PG webPatricia Gongal, PhD has worked in research and research development since 2004. She completed her PhD at the University of Alberta in Molecular Biology and Genetics, and then went on to a postdoctoral fellowship at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, France in transcriptional regulation. She funded her entire research career through competitive grants, writing an average of one successful fellowship or grant application per year for 8 years. She began working as a scientific writer, editor, and grant strategist, first in 2012 as an independent consultant, then full-time for universities in the UK and Canada. She has developed and taught classes on effective scientific writing for researchers, and has a competitive streak that has helped win grants for research teams valued at tens of millions of dollars per year. She loves transforming a scientific text, so that instead of being buried in tangled sentences, great results and ideas shine.


ST web

Shannon Tracey, PhD  (née Scott) has been involved in research and development and education in the life sciences for over 30 years. As a research scientist, she has led teams exploring the relationship between nutrition, growth, food product quality and environmental and economic sustainability in agriculture, especially in beef production. All of her research was funded by producer associations and federal and provincial governments. She jumped to the other side of the funding fence, working as a Senior Research Officer for an Alberta agricultural funding body for five years. In this capacity, she honed her skills in grant proposal evaluation, project reporting and program management. Dr. Tracey has taught nutrition and physiology at several Canadian universities. In all of her roles, she generously supplies enthusiasm and encouragement to those she works with, all the while providing a exceptional level of service and a meticulous attention to detail.