Strategy development

We can help you develop a sound and feasible research strategy, to move you from idea to innovation. There’s a difference between an R&D program and a fundable project, and we can help you plan the best way to secure funding for different elements of your program.

Grant writing

Success rates for grant proposals are falling, and the competition is tougher than ever. We can advise you on what funding programs would be the best fit for your project, and work with your team to write a grant application with the highest chances of success.


Grants, manuscripts, and other scientific documents written in the clearest possible way are more likely to be successful and have an impact on your field. We proofread and critically edit scientific texts to ensure your message is clear and concise. 

Grant management

Great news: you’ve been awarded a research grant. Bad news: you’ve just discovered the rigorous administrative and reporting requirements that go with it. Let us handle them!