Grant writing

Success rates for grant proposals are falling, and the competition is tougher than ever. We can advise you on what funding programs would be the best fit for your project, and work with your team to write a grant application with the highest chances of success.

Preparing a high-quality grant application takes time, strategy, and skills. Yet, many scientists receive no training in how to plan, structure, and write a grant. Too often, the quality of writing is an afterthought, but it is the first thing the reviewers will notice.

Your work will be judged on its scientific merit, but if your reviewers can’t easily follow your explanations and interpretations, they might not recognize the importance and value of your research. An easily understandable grant is much more likely to be successful. We have written, edited, read, and reviewed hundreds of grants for dozens of funding agencies and help your work stand out from the competition.

Grant writing services are priced per project: contact us for a quote.