Strategy development

We can help you develop a sound and feasible research strategy, to move you from idea to innovation. There’s a difference between an R&D program and a fundable project, and we can help you plan the best way to secure funding for different elements of your program.

Having a beautifully written grant won’t get you very far if you’re missing a key partner, have objectives that don’t add up, or are proposing something overly ambitious. We can help you map out:

  •  Multi-year timelines: what elements of your program are fundable now, and which need more preliminary data to be convincing
  • Your partnership strategy: who do you need to be working with to deliver what you’re promising?
  • How to break down your goals into discrete, fundable projects, and how to identify which funders have matching mandates

Research strategy development consulting is priced per hour: contact us for more information.